Monday, December 1, 2014

Preparing for Christmas...a Jesse Tree

Happy December 1!  I pray that your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you are looking forward to this Christmas season.  

I know, I know...the Christmas season: decorating, cooking, shopping, parties, busy, busy, busy!  No time to enjoy; too much to do!  Take some time now to make a plan and be intentional about NOT doing "it all".

One way we slow down is to do a Jesse Tree.  We have not set up a traditional Christmas tree for the last two years.  (The first year we had just moved and last year we just did a 2-D Jesse Tree).  This year we did set up a regular Christmas tree but will also make a Jesse Tree.

Each morning at breakfast, we will read the passage for the day and talk about how that passage looks forward to the coming Messiah.  Then, each kid will color the ornament for the day and hang it on our 2-D Jesse tree.
Not Pinterest worthy...but it works!
 We used Truth in the Tinsel for our Jesse Tree last year and really enjoyed it but I was looking for something a bit easier this year...we need to focus on school more right now.  I found this free printable and it is super easy!  I can't wait to do it!

What do you do to celebrate advent and prepare your family for Christmas?

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lilla Rose Balck Friday Sale

Hello!  Life is a bit crazy around here...winter is here!  Homeschooling is in full swing.  We're starting to shop for Christmas.  And trying to figure out where to put a Christmas tree...anyone have an old artificial tree you are looking to get rid of?  We're thinking about trying to make a "corner" tree (1/4 of a tree).

If you have never heard of Lilla Rose...check out my web site HERE.  I love the Flexi Clip!  Such a simple way to do my hair and it looks nice too!

Lilla Rose is having a Black Friday sale: 20-50% off products!  Begins 12 am Friday through Sunday.  So check it out!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Simple Half Circle Skirt

Our local thrift store often has "bag sales".  I love to take advantage of this great deal and usually find some great stuff.  During the last bag sale I found a really cute purple outfit in great shape for Hannah.  I also found a remnant of green interlock knit.  Even with little girls, I prefer the "leggings are not pants" viewpoint on modesty, so I knew that I needed to add a skirt to the purple pants:
I used the green interlock knit to make a half circle skirt and sewed it to the pants.  Super fast and easy!  Because it was a knit fabric I didn't bother with any hemming.  I just cut and used a zig-zag stitch to sew the back seam and sewed it to the waistband with another zig-zag stitch.  I took about a half hour total...and that included looking up a half circle skirt tutorial (I used this one).

Cute, easy, fun...and a happy kid!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 2: 33 looks in 33 days with 33 items

So, week two is over and I'm most definitely not going to get 33 looks in 33 days!  I like to re-wear much less thinking.  But I did come up with a few new outfits this week:
Striped top, boot cut jeans, scarf, brown ankle boots
Teal t-shirt, black open cardigan, teal and white scarf, long denim skirt, black ballet shoes

Blue "cropped" sweater, black layering tank (for coverage!), scarf, "skinny" jeans, navy sneakers

Grey t-shirt, floral button-up, boot cut jeans, brown ankle boots

Black t-shirt, purple cardigan, scarf, "skinny" jeans, black ballet shoes
A few things I have learned so far:
- A scarf or a necklace makes a HUGE difference in making an outfit look "finished".
- I don't like to wear a scarf while at home...too hard to keep it out of dish water, diapers, etc. but I do pick one and put it on if leaving the house.
- I really only need two pairs of jeans (and I wear jeans almost every day!).  The two pairs I have right now I really like:

Denizen Essential Boot Cut Jeans from Target  I got these for $17 on a "school " sale.  But I would pay full price for them...they are great!

Faded Glory Women's Basic Skinny Jeans from Walmart.  I got these towards the end of the summer on cleanance ($5!).  I like them because they are the "in style" skinny jeans but are not super tight...more like a narrow straight leg jean. but also fit into boots without trouble.  Glad I tried them!

What is your favorite place to buy jeans?

Monday, October 6, 2014

33 looks in 33 days with 33 items

I've loosely done Project 333 for the last year or so...finally getting my closet to a place where I am happy with it!  And now a new season of Project 333 begins...and a new challenge: 33 looks in 33 days with 33 items.

I'm going to try and see what happens.  I don't know if I can come up with 33 different looks, or even if I want to!  I lean more towards the philosophy of finding what I like and sticking to it.  But it will be a good creative challenge and I just might end up with a few new "favorites"!

Every week or so I will share what I wore for the previous week.
Here is week 1!

Day 1:
Grey 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, "skinny" jeans, scarf, grey slouch boots

Day 2:
Grey t-shirt, wine cardigan, boot cut jeans, necklace, brown ankle boots
Day 3: 
Chambray shirt, boot cut jeans, scarf, black ballet shoes
Day 4: 
Chambray shirt, black print maxi skirt, delicate necklace, grey slouch boots
Day 5:
Reversible sweatshirt, boot cut jeans, brown ankle boots

Monday, July 7, 2014

July Goals

It helps me to make goals for myself...I like to cross things off my list.  So I make daily "to do" lists and just recently started making weekly and monthly lists of goals.

So here are my goals for July:

1. Family Reunion -- already done!  A great time!

2. Finish two Shutterfly books (before my free coupons expire!)

3. Sew this dress for Ruthie.

4. Sort through, weed out and reorganize toys.

Here's to Goals with Grace from the Tiny Twig.

Life with Kids...Events to Experience vs. Tasks to Complete

I was talking with a friend the other day who had just had her second child.  Her oldest is 2.5 and she was wondering how she was ever going to be able to go grocery shopping with both kids. 

I've felt the same way...especially with three...thankfully I didn't have to take all three grocery shopping by myself until Hannah was six months old (and I didn't have to stop AT LEAST once to nurse!)

I've realized that somewhere along this parenting journey I've had a change of perspective: I'm viewing life more as events to experience rather than as tasks to complete.  

Little things (like grocery shopping and errands) and bigger things (like 400 mile car trips) need to be viewed as events to experience and enjoy.  When I begin a task with the mindset to experience it as an event, I have a more peaceful and joyful time.  I do not feel stressed to complete the task in a reasonable amount of time...just to complete the task and enjoy the process.

What does this look like for our family?  It means I ALWAYS pack snacks (and sometimes lunch).  I know our limits (a max of 2-3 stops for a trip to town...this is about 2-3 hours total, including 45 minutes of drive time).  I take the time to stop and look at the fish in Walmart.  I take the time to eat samples at Costco (including pulling over and parking in a side aisle so the kids can finish each sample before coming to the next one).  Sometimes we plan for a picnic lunch at the park following our errands.

We just got back from a trip to Iowa for a family reunion.  400 miles each way, with three young children.  I'm excited to say that we got our first "Are we there yet?" from our eldest when we were only 25 minutes from our destination!  Here is what we did:

9:45am  We left home. A great aunt had made bags of fun for each kid...these were just dollar store toys and such but they LOVED them! And it kept they occupied...for FAR longer than I had imagined possible!

11:45am Stopped at Cabela's, looked at all the animal displays, walked through the aquarium, used the bathroom.

12:45pm Back on the road with lunch to eat while driving.

2:30pm Stopped at another Cabela's, looked at the animal displays, walked through the aquarioum, used the bathroom.

3:15pm Back on the road. Snacks!

5:30pm Stopped at a rest area to use the bathroom and run around the picnic tables.

6:35pm Got our first "Are we there yet?"

7:00pm Arrived at our destination!

We planned all there stops ahead of time and we knew it would take MUCH longer than the 6.5 hours of actual drive time to reach our destination.  But we made it with smiles on our faces and lots of fun things to tell Grandma about!

How are you learning to see life as Events to Experience vs. Tasks to Complete?

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